The Elmwood Trail Camera adventures - Hedgehog update

My neighbour and I have regulary fed our night and day time garden visitors. Recently we noticed the night time food intake had increased somewhat and we agreed that it might be our neighbours cats so, I thought, time to get the camera out again to see what was occuring...

I was really surprised to find not one hedgehog but two feeding at the same time and a few hours later a third hedgehog appears for food! I'm not sure if the returning third hedgehog is the same as the earlier vistor who managed to shake his friend off but nevertheless they are all welcome I just wish they would eat the slugs too!

Over the last few weeks as the nights are starting to get cooler I started to notice a narrow path being formed around the edge of the garden leading to the newly established hedghog house so I thought I would investigate a bit further. Not wanting to disturb a possible resident I excitedly placed some garden debris (selection of newly fallen leaves and some fine twigs) in front of entrance/exit to see if my hog house was finally being used. I rushed down the next morning to find that they were gone and to my excitment I heard some movement in the box. I couldnt believe my luck I have waited all year for a hedgehog to move in and one finally has. My trail camera is now set up to watch the hog house over the next few nights to see my illusive resident come and go.

Still no sign of Bigfoot......But with a resident hedgehog and a Greater horseshoe bat visiting I'm happy!

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