The Elmwood Trail Camera Adventures - Bats part 2

As you will remember back in sunny June I took part in the Devon bat survey. After having the detector up for two nights I uploaded the recordings onto my computer. I was please to see lots of activity but due to the sound frequency I could not decypher the type of bats. However my results are now back from the Devon Bat survey organisers with the total bat passes over two nights and what type of bats they were.. They are as follows:

Common pipistrelle: 41

Brown long−eared: 9

Noctule: 5

Whiskered or Brandt's: 4

Pipistrelle species: 3

Barbastelle: 1

Daubenton's bat: 1

Greater horseshoe: 1

Leisler's or Noctule: 1

Lesser horseshoe: 1

Natterer's: 1

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