The Elmwood Trail Camera Adventures - Bats

Sadly no more visits to my new bird box as my neighbours cat has taken an interest in the location, I'm wishing my newly planted Camellia a speedy growth to give them some extra security.

Bert has been missing for a few weeks, BUT he is now back after having to find a new route in to the garden as the old tatty fence has been replaced, is it too soon to discuss the hedgehog highway with my new neighbour?? So while Bert munches on hand chopped nuts and freeze dried meal worm the slugs continue to enjoy my sunflowers....*sigh*

I took part in this years Devon Greater Horse Shoe Bat Survey My detector was booked for 3 nights. I couldn't wait to see the results as I haven't had any bat visits this year but after 3 nights of recording I was very pleased to find that there were 89 ultrasonic recordings of bat activity now I just need a clever tech person to transcribe the sounds for human ears.

I have put June down as the ultimate wildlife month, bats, Bertie, swifts and swallows and.....Whilst out running last week I disturbed what I thought was a rabbit we both stopped and stared at each other as neither of us could believe our eyes for two reasons. Firstly because the said rabbit saw a human in fluorescent yellow speeding towards him with an excited Border Collie, secondly the human in the fluorescent running gear had actually come face to face with a Hare! I love Devon.

Still no sign of Bigfoot......But I saw a Hare so I am very happy.

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