The Elmwood Trail Camera Adventures

After many, many months of deliberation I decided that I would treat myself to a trail camera for my birthday after many weeks of trawling through and reading reviews on trail cameras I pushed the 'buy it now' button and purchased a rather fancy all singing and dancing camera.......Hoorrahhhh!!!

After lots of button pressing, flashing lights and numerous photos of my ceiling I managed to get it working so popped it outside and had an early night only to find the next morning (rushed out of bed with excitement) that I had pressed the wrong button so caught nothing the whole night. After numerous attempts to track down big foot in my back garden and several days worth of images of my washing swaying on the washing line I have now mastered the camera and its perfect location and have managed to catch a rather fantastic sight. Mr Hedgehog! I shall call him Bert. Still no sign of big foot....


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